Anything that really opened your mind about the world?

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Thread Topic: Anything that really opened your mind about the world?

  • Just_Fluffy Newbie
    What I mean is something that made you realize that things can happen to you, not just other people. Like it's not just happening to people on television/books/movies/etc. (e.g. accidents, natural disaster, violence). Sorry if this stuff is triggering.

    For me it was some fires near my house. Nothing serious, just very close together. On one day, it was my neighbor's trees and a museum's tree. Next day, it was the same neighbor's other trees and another fire at the same museum.

    Everything's normal now except for a large section of my neighbor's fence is missing and some trees were taken away. I don't know what happened to the museum.

    I think what kind of shocked me is the fact that nothing like this ever happened before to this neighborhood and that it could happen to anyone living there. Also, the fires happened at night (10:00 ish and 2:00 in the morning)
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    A guy killed his wife in my neighborhood. He ran her over on purpose.

    I never really had a moment when i realized that things could happen to me too. I just kind of understood it more as i got older.
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    Ghetto Advanced
    A few murders occurred in my neighborhood in a really short span of time, which flipped a switch in my brain and made me realize that I could've been one of those victims if I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's scary when you start to closely analyze the events that occur around you and how it could've been you.
  • UMakeNoCents Newbie
    Just living period. My family never really looked out for me or told me anything about the world. So I kinda grew up andD raised myself. When you grow up like that you face the world by yourself and all the s--- and pain I've been through really changed my mindset drastically.
    Also drugs honestly helped. 1st time I smoked weed my whole perspective on like changed. I also took LSD a few months ago but that was honestly terrible and I hope nobody ever has to go through what I went through. People say acid helps you find yourself but it kinda messed me up more than. Anything I've ever been through.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    hmmm good question

    and easy to answer for my case.

    i would say that the main one is the death of my grandpa, but it probably falls in the 2nd because it didnt give me ptsd like the following situation.

    i always stocked up on knowledge, whether it be from school or books, on alcohol poisoning/ getting drunk/ blackouts. thing is, i never thought those scary incidences could ever happen to my life, my actual life.

    so my buddy accidentally drank too much. the head holding and the sub- conscious reactions scarred me for life. calling 911 wasnt half the horror- imagine seeing your own friend clutch your hand while sitting in their own vomit, skin reddish pink and unnervingly warm, crying of mercy saying “im sorry”. imagine hearing them say to the ambulance “i want to die” while crying incessantly while barely walking and having to be supported.

    and ON THAT SAME DAY, before this happened, i daydreamed of his death (long story- includes much drama. short end of it: i thought he was flirting with my gf).

    so, i learned the hard way. that jealousy turns back to bite you in the ass. and that in the real world, your own little baby fantasies fall dead compared to the real suffering and desperate cries for help.

    alcohol abuse, depression, and concordantly suicide, is not at all traced to the wistfulness we call a “problem”... or better yet, “not my problem.”

    in society, modern time, the present, the REALITY— not the inner sanctuary of our personal plights— there is a small inkling of pain that turns out greater and brighter than it ever seems in our thoughts.

    and that pain hurts so much that we are nearly blinded by it for the following days or more, maybe even unceasingly.
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    dannylover321 Senior
    Officially having to run a household on my own to becoming homeless.

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