What Are Some Odd Phobias You Have?

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Thread Topic: What Are Some Odd Phobias You Have?

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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    unfortunately, i have these.
    metyphobia (one incident gave me ptsd)
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    cardiophobia (ever since i could remember i cant even put my hand over my heart. also, if i pay to much attention to heartbeat i start to feel it all over and i hear it all over and i even begin to taste my blood— )

    autophobia (my self hates me)

    glossophobia (dont even ask the physical reactions i get)

    also i have a fear of losin control.. but thats just part of my anxiety issue.
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    I've got cardiophobia and nomophobia.
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    Caulrophobia (clowns)
    Acrophobia (heights)
    Atychiphobia (failure)
    Autophobia (being alone)
    Nyctophobia (dark)
    Apotemnophobia (people with amputations)
    Cleptophobia (stealing)
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    d_h Senior
    Tapnophobia (fear of being buried alive)
  • keshamari Newbie
    hey cordelia, i'm also scared of height
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    DJ Cecilia Novice
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    Annicetta Advanced
    And I also have some weird fear of crumbs and little black specks

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