The history of GTQ

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Thread Topic: The history of GTQ

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    Appayipyip42 Senior
    Feel free to add or revise. Especially if you have experience during 2009. Also, I don't know where this goes, so I guess it falls under human behavior or some shit like that.

    Founded. Mostly a place to advertise quizzes.

    Various people join. They talk about sex, drugs, and sexdrugs.

    Kind of like 2009, but with more Spartans and lemonade.
    Politics- A fascist invasion. Right-wingers and left-wingers alike create an unholy alliance to purge the fascists from the board. Some authoritarian Communist action occurs.
    Religion- the first religious wars begin, but not as much as 2011.
    Music- music is discussed. Many depressing angsty teenager bands are mentioned.
    Offbeat- actual offbeat topics are discussed.
    Psychology/Personality- everyone believes they have schizophrenia. Many quizzes are taken. The board is actually about mental topics.

    The first new members come, and as seen in later generations, they are not well-recepted. However, they are more welcomed than later. A certain new member *coughmecough* pisses off a main original member and a war breaks out. However, both have reasons for the battle and even though I was kicked out for a while, I am supported and come back.

    Religious wars begin. Mainly a schism between atheists and theists. Of the theists, most are Christians. Evolution is thrown around like nobody's motherfucking business. Klingons are everywhere.
    Klingons overrun the place, even though only one person is spreading the Klingons. So many Klingons, yet there are never enough....
    Some Communist action occurs here, as well, but not as much.

    New members come in swarms, but not as much as 2012. Alts are common, but not as common as later.
    Spam and trolls invade. The Ass-Kicking Squad forms to deter them. There is also a Legion, which is kind of like the Ass-Kicking Squad.
    Psychology and Personality is quickly becoming the new Offbeat.

    Offbeat is now completely desecrated with spam, soaps, and random crap. P&P is the new Offbeat, and Offbeat is...a thing.
    New members now outnumber old members as the old members become displeased and leave. Drama fills the world. Hackers invade. The Ass-Kicking Squad is briefly revived.
    Communist action, now non-authoritarian, occurs.
    Religious wars die down as respectable members leave. New members try to make a place among an unforgiving atmosphere.
    Tritanopes are everywhere.

    Tritanope action occurs.
    New members are everywhere, but the old members are starting to get used to it, or they left. Many issues arise, such as the overrunning of Offbeat and P&P, hacking, member inequality, and so on. Reforms are arranged.
    Religion and Politics are practically dead, but Communist action keeps it barely alive.
    Quiz spam pisses everyone off, and it is forced to quit.
    Eventually, the new members have found their niches, but they only stay in their niches away from everyone else. There is a clear line between new and old. Some are sick of this discrimination and elitism, while others feel it necessary.
    The idea of moderators is really considered, but not yet put into action.
    The forum change occurs, and now we have several forums for a lot of things. Offbeat becomes Offbeat again, and P&P is back to what it was.
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    LetsBeFriends Junior
    wow ok ._.
  • StuckonStupid Newbie
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    takos_rule Advanced
    I say that's pretty accurate from 2011 and up.
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    Appayipyip42 Senior
    I couldn't remember 2009 or 2010 well.
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    takos_rule Advanced
    In 2012, there was also an explosion of second accounts.
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    heartless Novice
    09 was a time of comradery. The main two factions were the ILM group and the Hikaru group. Who both fought over stupid shit. Most users (aka; maybe 6 people) were very sociable and welcoming of new members (aka; muah)

    (ps. I started Legion. It came about maybe 2 weeks before the A.K.S. The A.K.S was actually copied off of Legion. But with the disorganization and mis-communication, both became corrupted and had to be purged. What was originally planned to be a user based way to restore order, turned in to an organized way for old users to harass newbies.
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    Viktor Experienced
    Seriously. Offbeat is not offbeat again.
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    The Geek Experienced
    I was the only person hacking....
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    Hatshepsut237 Hot Shot
    Plus the killings of the kid show characters :D Jeez, I miss my first Summer here.
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    Hatshepsut237 Hot Shot
    In 2012, sorry should've said that in the first post.
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    Hatshepsut237 Hot Shot
    *2010 -_- s---.
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    Selena112 Hot Shot
    Pretty much.
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    Viktor Experienced
    We used to have parties...
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    Teresa22 Senior
    When I joined in 2011 there weren't too many people joining in one day, that was probably a month or so after I joined. xD

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