I am now a certified ALP

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Thread Topic: I am now a certified ALP

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    edited to block out my birth name:

    ALP stands for Accredited Legal Professional. It basically means that I have the knowledge to work in any law office in the United States. It was a pretty difficult test that was split into three parts with 50 questions per part. I had to study grammar, ethics, and other legal knowledge needed to work profficiently in the legal field. I was the only part-time student at my tech school to take the test and I'm really proud of myself!! I spent so many hours studying and it was all worth it.

    It reminded me of when I was a bit younger on this website and I was always talking about how much I loved the law and how much I wanted to work in the legal field one day and I'm actually doing it!! And doing well!! In all honestly I thought I would have killed myself by now but nope, I'm still going at it. So yeah. So proud of my certification and s---ty Dollar Tree picture frame lol. I'm very happy.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I know it probably won’t mean much, but I am exceptionally proud of you. This is something you’ve wanted for such a long time, and you’ve worked your ass off to get it.
    You deserve this so much, and I’m so happy that you got it.
    You’re amazing Seth honestly.
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Congratulations! I know we haven't talked much, but law school is f---ing hard. I'm amazed that you had the perseverance and resilience to do this. You deserve it.
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    Stardust1 Advanced
    Whoa congrats! :D
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    Sniperlazy Junior

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    Thanks everybody. :) I'm excited to share more of my achievements later on as I begin University in August and start working towards my Legal Studies degree to become a paralegal. I've come so far from the sad little trauma-ridden weaboo 12-year-old I joined this website as.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    congrats! you worked hard and so you earn this 100%. Hard work does pay off for those who have strong resilience 🏅
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    FluffyEtini Advanced
    Congratulations! I don't know you very well, but I'm happy for you!

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