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    Every seven days I'll post here because im an addict who can't leave this site and has no one to talk to so they come on here to talk to the thread but no one in particular and honestly i thought this would be easier but you cant throw away five years of this site and suddenly go cold turkey or else you'll literally feel lost

    Anyway i can only make one post every seven days and hopefully man up and f--- off this site bc im a grown up now and need to leave this place to the newer generations :))))) this placw is a drug

    I did my first math assignment and like
    i understood it
    i had a meltdown anyway bc it's not even a month ans im already stressed because i have a f---ing math claas where the teacher thinks it's nice to call on you with no warning and ask u s--- about what they're talking about

    Like miss i am listening but please dont spotlight me that way without prior warning

    Dude i almost died when i was called on


    My roommate had an anxiety attack because she thinks our room is too small and also cried because her grades are falking apart and honestly man

    I can't relate

    Anything is better than a car and keeping your grades up literally just takes studying and sacrificing your social life or your sleep by 2 hours

    I think that's all that was important for this week. See you guys next Sunday take care and remember to love yourself
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    f--- seven days i need to talk on here

    Okay @ all middle and high school kids on here

    If you think that by getting into college you're going to free yourself from that obnoxious kid that thinks they're a 5 star comedian too funny for their own self and that class is their stage


    You're f---ing wrong

    They're in college

    They're in almost every class

    Some more obnoxious than others
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Aw shoot!

    Maybe University will be different?
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    University is college
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    When you get locked out of your own f---ing rroom because your mate is a stupid b----


    I CAME BACK AT 8:05


    On top of that

    I had to leave the person i was with early and they got mad at me

    So now im stuck in the f---ing courtyard for tge night f--- you
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    No no but to make it even better

    I have class tomorrow

    Im so mad right now i was only fiveinutes late i pay tuition and housing fees that room is mine as well
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    Jayfeather310 Advanced
    damn, I sympathize.
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    I'm just going to cry for a couple minutes amd then head back to my car to sleep and hope campus security doesnt fine me
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    Good night gotoquiz
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    Jayfeather310 Advanced
    night dear
    be safe
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    I need to shower open the door i need to get a towel and clothes



    b---- f--- you i could have been fined money i currently dont have for sleeping in my car
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    OwO what's this?

    It's a piece of cake from last night leave my space alone and I'll leave yours alone too.
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    Fam i dont understand how you think this space is small you have your own desk a bed and storage along with an average tv that's literally the only thing we have to share

    If youre going to b---- all the time about the room being too small go to the staff center and see if you can get moved to the single rooms where you don't share with anybody.
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    To prove im nice i literally kept the bed that is metal and involves climbing steps man you got the cute bed with the drawers on the bottom for your stuff
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    From now on im just not talking to you unless you ask me something i don't want us to have a roommate relationship as if you were my older sibling telling me what to do or not do rhiannon or however the f--- you spell your name

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