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Thread Topic: Introduce yourself here!

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    Vampirina Junior
    You say your username, and something about yourself.

    I'm Vampirina, but you can call me Vee. I share an account with my friend, Shimmerdream(Shimmer and Vee)
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    Shimmerdream Novice
    I'm Shimmerdream, Vee's friend, and I have a Wattpad(Shimmerdream)
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    Shimmer_ Novice
    I'm Shimmer, and something about me is I have a twin sister.
  • Porg Lover Novice
    I'm Porg Lover, and I'm Shimmer, Shimmerdream, and Vee's friend.
  • Shine Newbie
    I'm Shine, and I am Shimmer's twin. I'm one minut older than she is.
  • I exist.
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    FluffyEtini Experienced
    Hi I'm FluffyEtini but you can call me Fluffy (actually you can call me anything but that's not the point.)
    One thing about me is that I love cats but I have only owned one.
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    DracoMalfoyFan Advanced
    Hi! I'm DracoMalfoyFan(don't judge) but you can call me Cass and something about me is I write songs and currently am working on an EP
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    breadboy69 Experienced
    Hi my name's Ted and I'm an alcoholic
    I've been sober for 2 days and my family left me 3 months ago
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    breadboy69 Experienced
    Oh s--- wrong forum

    My name's John and you can call me that or anything involving bread
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    ello Advanced
    Nice 👌

    Hi I'm leaving
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    My name is phil swift and I'm here to show you the power of Flex Tape!
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    The Geek Expert
    I'm gay
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    I'm jesus and I'm a zombie
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