The Black Parade

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    Oh i didn't see you sorry

    Hello :o
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    it's fine.~ ^o^

    what's up? :3
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    XD fall out boy honestly, and catching up on school, you?
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    kpop and video games. x'D
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    First date by blink 182

    That makes 4 songs for a total of maybe 11 minutes?


    Another bright and exciting news


    Went to work yesterday as a punk goth because Halloween and had to stay from opening to closing and have to come in today from 1-5 because they're needing more people

    And on Wednesday

    Bro i didn't sign up for this okay i have school and advance level classes



    But yeah

    That's where i was all of yesterday.

    It's 4:51 am rn

    I have to put my hair up in a bun, transfer my ranks and ribbons onto service uniform, and find a way to eat something without going bleh.

    And pack a f---ing costume in my bag so i can change into it in the backroom at work.

    f--- it i'm going as batgirl again but with the ht dress this time.
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    "I dread the thought of our very first kiss"

    It's just a target that i'm probably going to miss


    you're not salty

    Nah, in uniform.

    It's always a good day when you have on a uniform, people suck up to ou because they know you have the guts to stay in rotc vs dropping out like all the other sissies.
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    Omg it took me less time to get ready today.
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    This is the best bun i've done holy s---
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    That moment when The girl only listens to your squad leader even though youre her person of help bc shes afraid of you

    Be afraid b---- i will sink your f---ing grade until you respect me and learn your s---.
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    sad_kitteh Junior
    is it hot in Nevada right now
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    Nu, it's cold.
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    Im f---ing freezing and hungry but i spent all my money on hair dye and extensions and hair clips and now I eant to cry.
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    Ugly crying because i feel like trash still but i cant leave school until seventh hour because history qnd science Suck

    ICJDJDKDKDKD CREEPY GUY STAHP IM NOT GOING TO TALK TO YOU OKAY e#####e don't look or smile at me your friend who btw she obviously f---ing likes you already glares at me in class


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    Ever so calmly enters in bun

    Coworker from my place

    f--- this is the first time i've ever seen your face

    Omg i know it's amazing i too was surprised to see that i had a nose and two eyes w matching eyebrows.

    My plan backfired at school and i felt bad so i was just like *smile and wave* at Travis and yeah he was just like *smile and wave back* because ig he was nice to help me during the parade. ^~^ tomorrow i have to be at school by 5:30 am so i can fix the files, and hopefully

    Oh my god shut up it's already f---ing freezing in this room e.e stop i do the laundry at midnight stop it f---ing annoying human i do all the god damn house work stop it e.e

    And yeah hopefully be able to get everyone to turn in their f---ing trash.

    I get frustrated honestly

    It's only like 3 pages you need to sign

    Three f---ing pages where all you need is to read it and in some put down personal information

    Yet you choose not to do it???

    I don't f---ing understand
    And it honestly annoys me because later Tran chews me out for not having it all in and then I get annoyed because I don't have the power to force them to sign it

    And it's just e.e
    It's easy points towards your grades, yet you don't do it.

    This is why I don't socialize with humans very often.

    Because half of them are like 100% okay, on point with everyday I ask

    Then there are the smart s---s who think it's okay to step over me even though I don't yell


    It's not okay to be like no in my face just because i'm 5'1 and not authoritarian leader human doesn't mean you should do it and like i honestly honestly honestly have never been so close to grabbing aome kids and just yelling in their f---ing face to see if that way they'll take me seriously and i just e.e stop.

    This new le-1 platoon is the future of rotc.

    I am very afraid of the trash this thng will become.

    They don't know knowledge, they have no f---ing clue what respect is, they don't wear the uniform correctly

    How the f---

    Why the hell are you in here?

    Get your trash together and start acting like the le ones you f---ing are.

    But of course i too like Travis don't have guts

    So I will keep it to myself and the internet and slowly watch the program crash and burn.
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    Ehy am i crying

    Because i'm trash

    Ah that makes sense.

    Honestly i'm just

    I don't f---ing know anymore.

    C: im just a f---ing bystander with a leadership position that everyone thinks is a joke and so therefore I get no respect even though irl I am like the most sweet respect giving afraid of everything human

    On here im a vicious snake that reveals how I feel about everything

    But like irl i actually treat people nicer than they treat each other

    I dont get it.

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