The Black Parade

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    I yelled at a guy and now i feel really bad but like he frustrated the f--- out of me and now everyone thinks i'm evil and just

    I want to desperately punch him in the face
    e.e he pulled on my hair e.e f--- you go choke on a duck screw you f--- you isjdjdjdjddjdjsjsjsjsjs

    e.e i am literally hades right now and like e.e i will slap you and destroy you f---ing moron that hurt me e.e im human stupid kid

    I was just walking through the f---ing hall and a giy came up and pulled at my bun and i grabbed him by the collar and told him to go to f---ing hell and like everyone standing outside the 200 classrooms just stared like o.o because no one knew i talked f---ing moron stop i hate you f--- you now my hair is ruined and i'm in the bathroom trying to fix it and i just i want to cry
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    Im late to class with a can of hairspray in my hand about to explain what the f--- happened
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    Is bothering the f--- out of me

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    Ugly crying because i feel like trash and like ;-;
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    mcqueen Senior
    Don't cry, pumpkin
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    ;-; they didn't say hi to me and now i'm upset
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    ;-; u must say hi to me okay i am hooman say hi to me give me all the his

    ;-; give me all the glances
    ;-; give me all the attention

    Ugly crying bc i sound like Tyler
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    ;-; i want to die
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    Lol i was going to respond to someone w something but it's rude so ill refrain from tearing your soul just keep believing they still exist

    Lmao f--- you.
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    The Geek Expert
    no u
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    Im sewing wings together because tomorrow is spirit day and i'm going as a gothic pixie since cute lil pink pixies are too mainstream.

    Halfway done

    I'll post a pic tomorrow
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    I typed up this post about how mde fans are like hdhhdjd

    But people might get offended c:

    So like


    Like guys i too was upset when i heard about the new mde but grow the f--- up?

    Theu saved my life omg

    They're still f---ing alive just not in the collab channel bc they had issues between each other

    If they had worked it out like the adults they are, then omg their mde would still be on

    But nope.

    And you guys should accept that too okay like...???

    Honestly all you guys b tching on mde 2 page about how Bryan, Richie and eugina are all 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

    Like wtf they're friends if bryan was all like so u want to be involved in a project where millions will know your name
    Then they'll obviously say yes

    Plus the idea came from Bryan, and was only yt verified bc of Bryan?

    You little emo pieces of internet trash need to grow up.
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    But when you're pissed off you don't understand logic now do you

    Moving on

    Forgot to take raccoon eyes off and now my eyes are like black parade panda on cocaine and like yeah.
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    98% of the onision EmO contest are females?
    O.o and wearing bvb shirts.
    O.o wtf

    Very pretty though.

    R u going 2 participate?

    ;-; no, i'm scared of Greg.

    But i'm guessing to look as emo as possible you must have your eyes covered with your hair, eyeliner evwn though no one will see it, a bvb or mcr shirt, black nail polish, fingerless gloves, and an expression of distress and disgust in the world.

    Oh and write onision on you

    But yeah.

    Plus i just freshly went back to brown hair after multiple bleaches for the past few days



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