The Black Parade

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Thread Topic: The Black Parade

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    mcqueen Senior
    Hey, pumpkin
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    ;'; pls leave i dont feel well ;-; i just came to rant
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    Im so sorry ;-;
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    mcqueen Senior
    OK. Feel better soon
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    e.e stop it you too okay i cant have a single friend because if i do you start annoying them amd acting like im princess from Britain who can only interact w certain people

    You know what if i really wanted to i would take on Juliens offer of going to hoco

    But i dont bc you'd be all triggered

    To do us all a f---ing favor and leave me the f--- alone stop yelling at me it's not my fault e.e
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    ;-; late post this isn't for anyone on here so like dont get all eh
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    Oh god


    Brings Nathaniel



    Brings Julien


    Mom sees guy from math

    e.e u guys are dating u guys have probably known each other since 9th grade and youve been lying to me


    I just met them and got to this school like last year????????????

    e.e honestly i hate how everyone assumes i'm attracted to guys amd likee
    e.e if only u knew how gay i am.
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    Ifeel like crying bc this person is sweet but my mom is going to like slap him the next time he talks to me and likw ;-; I
    Hrs just a nice guy who thinks im adorable like a f---ing rilakuma bear f--- off and dont hurt him
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    Trust me if i could turn the guy attractor off like if it was a button i would have done it a long yime ago mate

    The last tjing i need is to be the reason some guy is crying Bc i rejected him okay.
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    ;-; my chest hurts.
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    mcqueen Senior
    *peeks in* is it safe?
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    Ive spwnt the past hours trying to type up an essay on email to send it to my English teacher since i'm only going to show up for rotc, algebra, and drawing on monday because f--- school.

    It's harf because i type it up on memo on the phonr

    Then copy it to clipboard

    Open the school email


    And make sure there's no mistakes

    Honestly im really happy this teacher lets us do this or else i'd cry

    Hoco starts in 12 minutes
    UgLY cRiiiiii

    ;-; i feel so bad.
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    If u were 2 see me rn ud see the trash ive become i literally have like messy eyeliner raccoon eyes faded from either tears or the pillow and i'm wearing an oversized hoodie

    Like my hair looks like a rat nest and i feel really gross and i just

    Please look at me now

    Tell me if you still like me @ all the humans that call me cute

    Am i still cute


    I thought so

    It's all a lieeeee
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    hi :c
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    And i've been listening to all 108 songs on my device to see which ones would be good for btd

    So far i only have Dance, Dance from fall out boy.

    Centuries by fob

    And sugar we're goin down also by fob

    That's it.

    The rest are just all emo and about killing yourself or not self harming

    Or too much screaming

    Or too much curse words

    Or "drugs" are in like one freaking line and messes it up.

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