The Black Parade

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    Btw i said f--- it and changed back into my thing

    C: i saw two other girls in costume so

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    Oh ok but we got progress Reports today and

    I have a B in algebra 2
    C in Chinese 2
    F in English 11 bc I didn't turn in my report
    F in pre calculus bc i didn't turn in my homework assignments
    C in geo science even though I just entered?

    I'm passing 6/8 and this are the best grades i've ever gotten in this school and i'm

    Oh i have a C in pre calculus now after turning everything in so

    I only need English

    ;0; i'm rlly proud of myself for doing my work
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    This are


    Brb yt
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    They noticed my existence and i was in the middle of drawing and brandy was right next to me and the mother f---er didn't warn me so next thing i hear is a familiar shy voice say "woah, I didn't know you drew" and i completely just wtf and put the pencil down and was like, yee for drawing class and so for the next thirty minutes he made me sitt here continuing drawing like how would you feel if I was like "oooooo you play guitar?" Pls play something 4 me as i sit here and intensely watch you do the magic

    Like no i'm pretty sure you'd be nervous and like ouo" the whole time

    e.e meanwhile brandy went like "ouo I have to go meet with Nadia, bye" and I was like ;0; bye pls dont leave me so like while i was doing the drawing the guy from math that asked me if i was goth kept talking to me and i found out he turns 18 on Halloween and i'm like ouo" I just turned sixteen. And so yeah he plays acoustic guitar, and used to be in competitive drill and i eas like lol me too when i was a freshman and he was like .o. that's cool

    And then he showed me pictures of himself bc i totally asked of when he had long hair and i was like oh god you look so different and got a lot taller and he started getting red and just said "haha, yeah"
    And so i just awkwardly sat there continuing drawing bc i am 23 pages behind what the teacher asked us to have for monday and so he just continued to sot there and talk about himself and i was only paying attention to about half of what he was saying and yeah.

    Eventually 2:00 came and he had to go on the bus, but I had to stay until 2:30 to turn in the watercolor project from last class and like the teacher was annoyed bc they were ready to leave when me and three other kids showed up

    So i just got home like 10 minutes ago and yeah.
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    Im tired and i have pt tomorrow and i need to put bandaids on my legs bc there's cuts from the closet bench wires and like it's too much work ;-; i need to be hydrated too.
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    I want to die
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    I don't feel well. ;-; and i want to cry because of that but my doctor appointment is next week, so I have to wait.

    I didn't charge my phone so im at 9% and i just looo like trash and ;-;
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    Pls kill me and mom told me to go die because i didn't want to eat her food but honestly im not hungry and i dont care and i hate you too and i just dont anymore and like i wll yell at her today if she didn't bring her things which will kill my voicr even more, but like
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    I hate everything.
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    Yes laugh

    It's not like you've ever seen bootcut jeans with a skirt attached to it you f---ing 13 year old slut go die in a f---ing hole b---- e.e
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    Y are you so salty

    e.e because f--- everyone amd everything i hate everything and mom is just getting worse to deal with everyday, but you know what for once i should actually do as she says and kill myself that way she can find another f---er to throw food at and f--- you i don't care about your algebra get away from me e.e


    e.e no i dont have the homework for you to copy go away moron
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    I got sent home
    Yesterday i threw up in the bathroom and so that they could believe me i sent a girl to go get the nurse amd mom picked me up all hypocritical like and was lik omg im so sorry i thought you were lying when you said you did not feel well

    e.e and I just glared at her

    So today i went to the doctor and i have the flu so c: congratulations to me

    And i had to get up from bed like 3 hours ago to drive myself to the hoco parade and get a grade

    I was like one of the first thwre and so was the guy and he was like you weren't in class when i got there i saw you in the morning but you weren't there today either and I was like ;-; im sorry i wasn't feeling well amd i had to go home

    And he was like you sound really sick wjy are you here

    Its for a grade

    I could've signed your name for you

    And i was like no, its fine ty anyway

    And yeah

    Then they made me hold the rifle next to the color gaurd and he was like if you feel bad during the parade just lean to me and i'll try to make it less noticing

    And i was like nod nod

    And like i really wanted to cough during the march and almost droped the thing when they were like ORDER ARMS

    And like yeah

    But it went fine

    At the end he was like give me your rifle ill carry it to the classroom you go home take care and like ig he wanted to hug me or something
    But i was like Oh thanks you so much, your e so sweet we're in uniform so like no contact with each other and i might get u sick
    and he was like aha, yeah that's true and np

    Amd so im back here and dying of coldness and i just want to die bc Julien visited me tpday at like 12 and was all sweet and i was like pls f--- off and like all i want to do is cry bc ;-; im such a jerk.
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    Oh shut up you f---ing hypocritical b---- e.e you dont care anyway.
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    No f--- you okay its your f---ing fault shut up e.e
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    I hate you stop leave him alone idc about him he's just a nice kid e.e stop it he's a senior

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