The Black Parade

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    Oh and Julien works at little ceasers now and I kinda cringe because imagine emo weenie taking your orders with his hair all swoosh in his face

    Lmao i'd be like no boy get ur hair out of ur eyes

    I wouldn't trust him with my food.
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    Imagine me at little ceasers

    I cant even spell it

    :^) id probably burn the pizzeria down and get thrown in jail.

    I'm mot good a t oven things in general.
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    I just got up but i have 2 hours to get ready -40 to get there ,only 1 hour and 20

    f--- it you kniw what I am going to go as

    2006 scene

    jk i'd get fired

    ;-; my voice.

    We're going as batman it's cloudy and i'm not about to get rained on
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    I have 20 minutes b4
    My shift starts

    And idk what to do

    P,o so im in the car

    Also i thought i was over mcr but i heard the songs and now i can feel the emo coming back even more and idk what to do
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    SG115 Senior
    Hi. :3
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    I feel like throwing up

    ;-; i ate too much cake.
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    Okay but tomorrow I have to get out of the house at 5:30, and be at school by 6 so I can meet up with all the children I got assigned and help them with their uniforms and hopefully not see a mess

    I am tired and my legs are sore from walking around the store helping little kids who are indecisive pick their costumes

    Honestly 98% of the humans just come in to fool around or look at the things

    Vs a rare 2% that actually buys something

    Everything at this store is overpriced I honestly don't blame them.
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    I want sleep yet it's 7:30


    I would say sleep is for the weak but like sometimes the weak have a point in saying sleep is fun.

    I'm too lazy to remove the extensions

    But if I sleep in them my thingies will be destroyed and that's money

    ;-; fook.

    ;-; brb.
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    f--- the kids i feel like trash

    e.e figure out your own god damn motherfuking knowledge and uniform regulations

    e.e when I was an le-1 + 2 i never got babied or checked on by other cadets e.e

    e.e none of us did
    e.e yet we turned out fine, and have a decent rank and leadership position + know all our knowledge.

    You guys are getting spoiled

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    I said i'd be outside by 5:30

    Lol it's 5:05 and im in bed in a tiny ball because coldness and in pjs

    Pls kllme. Its cold
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    I have to wear a skirt because rotc

    This is the punishment i must pay for BEING too ShOrt for trousers

    =n= time to evolve into dA bun bun.
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    I had to bribe her with a Starbucks giftcard at the end of the month if she passed all her
    Inspections including knowledge

    I have 13 messages asking me things about uniform and how to put it on

    I never thought humanity woulf come so low to only doing things when there's something in it fir thrmq

    Dhhdhdjd liek

    Ur grade
    My grade
    Graduation w ur class

    Yet u want 2 not do it

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    The Geek Expert
    haha too short for trousers
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    I feel like crying idk why

    Yes i cry over everything idk y but i just do

    f--- ut let's cry.
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    ;0; shhhh, i'm a tiny hooman -3- i got them back today.

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