The Black Parade

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    Is ur hair falling off

    No but it's more fried than when i was 12

    Tbh i just dye it black because instagram likes black hair and then they get annoyed or leave when i dye it brown so like??

    But i honestly just want to keep brown hair forever because real hair color

    Plus i don't melt in the sun.

    :c the only problem with that is that since my hair goes all majestic and curly like a curling iron i'm going to look like a skater kid because that's their haircut and color.

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    What about ur extensions?

    Lolol noooo those are not getting dyed or touched they're my babies.

    I have the one's from two years ago from when I went to competition in rotc.

    Yes, Jae will grow their hair out again.

    I will turn into the 13 yo me i've been trying to kill again.

    C: bc y not.

    Jk i just rlly want to get rid of layers and be able to do a bun without flyaways, so i mean sacrifice the emo.
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    I got soap in my eyes and now it looks like im high and my eyes burn ;-;
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    f--- everyone no one came as a pixie
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    username Advanced
    was this school pixie day or something
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    It's okay

    I left the wings in the car, i'm just stuck in a tutu And
    And black shirt

    Lol jk i brought a jeans just in case

    I will change into them next period.
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    For homecoming week

    Today was come as a pixie, fairy, elf, or Peter pan day

    But no one participated e.e
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    In jeans now bc ;-;
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    I want 2 cry
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    Im not joking i rlly did dye my hair and dress in demonias
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    At least i have long sleeves underneath the shirt :c
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    sad_kitteh Junior
    Nevada is fake California
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    sad_kitteh Junior
    Alaska is fake Canada
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    I finished my history work early and now idk what to do bc i have everything turned in.

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