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Thread Topic: Giving accounts away

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    Dark22978 Hot Shot

    1. If you want one, you'll have to verify you aren't some random hoe that's going to use it for evil because MAJORITY of these are junior+. Oh and also if you do become that random hoe that plans to use it for evil, I will personally mark every post and be disappointed in you. And you don't want me to be disappointed in you because then, I become a real b----. :)
    2. Make it your backup account if you want, make it an rp account, idc but they are taking up space on my password roster and they're honestly accounts I'd never use.
    3. I don't have a limit on how many you can have other than no you cannot have the entire list you greedy b------.
    4. IMPORTANT AS CRAP I might have given some of these away and completely forgot to remove them from my roster. If so, I'll let you know that I do not have access to the account you're asking for. I apologize in advance if that happens to occur. I also have a bad memory at the passwords so I'll have to apologize if it takes me a long time to send you the user and pass.

    Anyway, yeah, name what site/email/app you want the password to be sent to you on, and I'll send it/them/idk. Also before you ask, yes, these are in ABC order. I have no life. also yes there are like a lot of them i'm sorry i had no life from '12 until now :))))) some of these are recovered from trolls/people who didn't want them too... the ones that don't go, I'll probably end up asking for them to be deleted because they're taking up space from GTQ as well

    1. be_my_escape
    2. beyling
    3. board defender
    4. brokenloner
    5. changinggwen
    6. chocolate01
    7. cinder
    8. cloned
    9. daffodil3000
    10. dark shadow 99
    11. denver
    12. elicia
    13. embertehferret
    14. emmasparkles
    15. ethansprinkles
    16. forgetmeandSTFU
    17. glory
    18. Hacker XD
    19. hiddenlies
    20. laceyserenity
    21. littletsu
    22. man of air
    23. maruicea
    24. murderviolet
    25. next
    26. nude_dude
    27. pasercute
    28. past reality
    29. potatocat
    30. Scarred
    31. Seira
    32. Shogu
    33. Sisterofblood
    34. Souless Dark
    35. Strawberry01
    36. Sun
    37. That Girl Again
    38. The Only One
    39. Tommy Ruin
    40. Vile
    41. WorkofDreams
    42. Yumito
    43. ZaneIsGone
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    SkyKirin Novice
    can I have broken loner and soulless dark?
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    sure fam
    Where would you like me to send you the passwords?
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    I'll take Vile and Shogu.
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    SkyKirin Novice
    s--- I don't have email or social media or texting. >:O
    just quick post and I'll log in super fast and change the passwords like a pro
    it wouldn't be the first time I've had to
    It's how I got my Skylaire account
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    I have a skype account you can contact if you have skype.
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    Jayfeather310 Junior
    May I have potatocat?
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    joshbrewer Experienced
    Man of air and hacker XD
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    sure daughter
    yes, I used to live on skype, and I have to add a friend on there so that's perfect
    what's your skype

    one sec sky
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    you ready? they both have the same password so i'll post it once I get a confirmation
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    @jay sure, where do you want me to send you the passwords to?

    @josh kk, where will I send the passwords to?
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    SkyKirin Novice
    aye sir .o./ *fairytale happy voice*
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Skype is Absolheart
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    Bonnie Fan Novice
    Can I get Sun
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    @Sky password for your accounts is blackcat
    best of luck to you on receiving them safely

    @daughter will message you in a moment

    @bonnie sure, where do you want me to send the passwords to?

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