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  • Butterflylove Newbie
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    heathens ~ twenty one pilots

    colors ~ halsey

    closer ~ chainsmokers ft. halsey

    let me love you ~ dj snake ft. justin bieber

    broken home ~ 5sos

    scars to your beautiful ~ alessia cara

    wild things ~ alessia cara

    close as strangers ~ 5sos

    potential breakup song ~ aly and aj
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    Armor For Sleep- Remember To Feel Real
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    DCgirl Senior
    Black Honey- Thrice
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    Razor- New years day
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    Link Advanced
    My Last Breath - Evanescence
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    Magical Nonsense Advanced
    I got back into Ed Sheeran recently.

    Even My Dad Does Sometimes (Favorite)
    Autumn Leaves
    The Man
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    Magical Nonsense Advanced
    I also love classical music. My favorite at the moment is Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March) by Mozart. Chopin is also great.
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    Hiccstrid Advanced

    I listen to mostly classical and of course the HTTYD soundtracks.
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    Magical Nonsense Advanced
    Sometimes I will be completely obsessed with an album by one of my favorite artist, but I'll move onto another album after awhile. That doesn't mean I don't like that artist or album anymore. I'll go back to that album after awhile, and I'll fall in love with that album all over again. That's me with stomachaches by frank iero andthe celebration.

    Stage 4 Fear of Trying
    Blood Infections
    All I Want Is Nothing

    Just to name a few songs ^
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    Britany298 Novice
    Mine again Fetty wap
    Come my way Fetty wap feat drake
    Work Rihanna ft drake
    Needed me Rihanna
    Monster Eminem ft Rihanna
    Sorry Beyonc
    Digits young thug
    Moolah young greatness
    Dae dae wut u mean
    Two phones Kevin gates
    Really really Kevin gates
    When I'm gone Eminem
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    Britany298 Novice
    And more
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    JaneDoe Senior
    Spirits - The Strumbellas
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    Albie Junior
    Psycho- Muse
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    WolfLove Hot Shot
    Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven

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