Make random posts about what you listen to

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Thread Topic: Make random posts about what you listen to

  • meerkat Novice
    im listening to tear it up-hollywood undead
  • Firefly by breaking Benjamin

    You my friend
    You're a lot like them
    But I caught your lie
    And you know I did
    Now I'm lost in you
    Like I always do
    And I'd die to win
    'Cause I'm born to lose

    Could you shine your light
    Now I know your ways
    'cause they're just like mine
    Now I'm justified
    As I fall in line
    And it's hard to try
    When you're open wide

    Take my hand
    We'll be off and then
    We'll come back again
    To a different land
    Now I like this way
    You can go away
    If you guess the name
    You cannot replace


    Bring me your enemies
    Lay them before me
    And walk away


    f--- you firefly
    Have you lost your light
    Now I hate your ways
    'cause they're just like mine
    So you lost my friend
    Such a sorry end
    And I don't know why
    So I choke and smile
  • meerkat Novice
  • Hookstrajl Newbie
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    SG115 Advanced
    When Words Fail~Brian d'Arcy James
    More to the Story~Sutton Foster
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    Little Lobo Experienced
    Nine in the Afternoon- Panic At The Disco
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    Cleo and dilly Experienced
    Moving on- asking Alexandra
  • sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon , Eminem, linkin park

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    zeronightshade Advanced
    The Grudge- Tool
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    SG115 Advanced
    Best Days~Matt White
    What I Gotta Do~Macy Gray
    Royal Pain~Eels
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    Cleo and dilly Experienced
    That's unusual- ghost town
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    AllHailLelouch Advanced
    Children of Bodom- Mask of Sanity
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    AllHailLelouch Advanced
    The Agonnist- Thank you, Pain
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    meep da first Experienced
    Flaws by Bastille c:
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    funniebunnie01 Advanced
    Knives and Pens- BVB
    Perfect Weapon- BVB
    Dead Bite- Hollywood Undead.

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