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  • "OKAY hi hi hi I'm back very momentarily the reason i had to shower is I'm going to church sooo I have to get ready But HI i missed yo"
  • Thread of Plots
  • dumb question
    "So... Me and my friends are keeping a fish in my locker at school, do any of you know about a type of fish that doesn't need a lot of light?..."
  • "He didn't say that there are no ads, just that there aren't any of the annoying, blaring ones that would ruin the quality of the site. Based..."
  • Fall in Love Everyday
    "Recents ad for a chill soap?"
  • Fall in Love Everyday
    "I think this is the plot to a movie, but I got the idea from a Spamano fanfiction :P Anyway, here's the plot. C1 is at the pa"
  • Thread of Plots
    "Aaanyway back to plots."
  • Love Me, Captain
    "(True true. There's a tumblr post about having the power of changing probability, like, you could say 'the chance of me being able to fly is..."
  • Love Me, Captain
    "(Well at least it's a superpower cx) Lewis scoffed, and nudged the trunk with his foot. "Some? Actually, I got most of it. I "
  • Love Me, Captain
    "(haha I just finished eating dinner and you posted right before I refreshed the page xD) Lewis gladly nodded, happy to hear t"
  • "16ish"
  • Thread of Plots
    "I don't really need to broaden my horizons. I don't get bored with only soaping with one or two people, as long as I like those people. What..."
  • I'm sad :(
    "I've watched almost every good horror movie there is to watch for free On Demand xD What will I do afterrr"
  • Thread of Plots
    "Congratulations on that. And so what if I do? Unlike some people I'm not unhealthily desperate for a soap partner. If I'm going to do it I w..."
  • Thread of Plots
    "Okay, well, I actually spend time and think about what kind of things I'm interested in writing about so I can't just throw some up whenever..."

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