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  • Sports19 Novice
    I love her! My fave songs by her are-
    Miss independent
    I do not hook up
    My life would suck without you

    And just about all others!
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    Fire_Fairy Novice
    she's ok
  • Sports19 Novice
    Ok. Thats your opinion. Mine is that shes an amazing singer and has amazing songs
  • Infinity Newbie
    She has an amazing voice, and I like her songs. I have a rule about completely idolizing Celebrities; I don't. I can only like them, more than that is a complete waste of my time.
  • Sports19 Novice
    Thats cool. Do what you want. Im not like an obsessive fan of anything either, even if i might really like something or someone. Im not OBSESSIVE over anything, and thats cool that your not either
  • I love Kelly Clarkson!(: She is an awesome singer!
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    She's good. I kinda Like her.
  • She's one of my favorite singers. I could listen to "Because of You" forever.
    I also like "Breakaway", "Never Again," and "Dark Side."
    I think these are all hers, anyway.

    I agree-I don't obsess or fangirl. At least, not over humans. Books, on the other hand, are another story.
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    i used to love her, but I kinda lost interest a couple years ago because I haven't been keeping up with her new songs. :/
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    Sage Parson Novice
    DON'T SING HER SONGS!! She has an AMAZING range. I auditioned for my talent show with "Stronger". My voice hurt for THREE FRICKIN DAYS!!

    I did get in, but I turned down the invitation because I didn't want to lose my voice.
  • I love Kelly and every song of hers that I have ever heard Ive loved
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    Same as Ting, but recently I have been listening to her from my old ipod.

    She's great.
  • I agree with Sage: her songs are nearly impossible to sing.
  • LAL Novice
    Heartbeat song is amazing!
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    BCJfan Novice
    She's an amazing and talented singer!

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