What are some songs that have had a big impact on you?

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Thread Topic: What are some songs that have had a big impact on you?

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    Hiccstrid Senior
    In 2018 I came across lots of amazing songs that were really inspiring and motivating, and I'm hoping to expand my horizons even more in 2019, but I need your help :)

    So, I'm wide open, guys. Thanks so much in advance! 💕
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    Deadlock Junior
    Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    The Spinners - Rubberband Man
    Ace Frehly - New York Groove
    Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
    Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling

    Hopes This Helps.
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Yep, thanks for your help ☺
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    Set It Off - Why Worry
    Axwell and Ingrosso - This Time
    Kaleo - Way Down We Go
    Sweet Accent - Bigger and Better
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Thanks, I really liked that first one!
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    Jayfeather310 Advanced
    Set it off is amazing bro 🌈
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Thanks :)
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    Dulcinea Novice
    (In no particular order...I like them all!!)
    Clay-Grace Vanderwaal
    Strong-Sonna Rele (Cinderella movie)
    I'm a Lady-Meghan Trainor (from Smurf movie)
    Wild Child-Enya
    Touch the Sky-Hillsong
    Who You Are-Unspoken
    More like Falling in Love-Jason Gray
    Your Love-Brandon Heath

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