Books You want turned into movies

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Thread Topic: Books You want turned into movies

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    ILuvHolister Junior
    Maximum ride
    cirque du Freak
    Vampire Academy
  • Athena2217 Novice
    The rest of the percy Jackson series but the second book is coming somewhere march in 2013. Well, at least that's what I heard.
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    Sage Parson Novice
    I think they should redo the Percy Jackson movie. The one they made sucked! XP
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    Sports19 Novice
    Sage- ikr? My mom has never read the books and when she took me to see the movie she said it was really good, but me and my cousin read the books and we both said that it was really different and the books are better. And, when me and my cousin agree on something, you know its gotta be true XD
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    Teresa22 Advanced
    The nine lives of Chloe King
    The 39 clues
    The heros of Olympus
    Percy Jackson (yeah they made one but it sucked :P)
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    Ironbutterfly Junior
    Max Ride is becoming a movie in 2013...?

    The Always War
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    Sports19 Novice
    - All the rest of the books by rick riordian
    - All of the gallagher girl books by ally carter (was optioned to be a movie)
    - All of the heist society books by ally carter
    - The goddess test by aimee carter
    - Fateful by claudia grey
    - The rest of the hunger games (although theyre going to make them)
    - All of the daughters books by joanna philbin
    - All of the on the runway books by melody carlson
    - Distant waves by suzanna weyn
    - Entwined by heather dixon
    - Possession by elana johnson
    - The book of spells by kate brian
    - Wolves of the beyond by kathryn lasky
    - Times squared by julia devillers and jennifer roy

    And many more(:
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    DaughterOfApollo Experienced
    They're actually making a Maximum Ride movie. I think it comes out in 2013. But I'm not sure.

    I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you. (that whole series).
    The Kane series
    And a redo of the Percy Jackson series
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    SecretLie5 Novice
    A thousand never evers

    Love that book, sad, but good!
  • DCgirl Newbie

    Maximum ride
  • Athena2217 Novice
    yeah, the first one really sucked! when i first watched it i went, "What the heck! it sucked so badly!"
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    Sports19 Novice
    DaughterOfApollo- the i'd tell you i love you but then i have to kill you series is called the gallagher girl series. theyre my favorite series, and then rick riordan books are after that
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    ILuvHolister Junior
    @daughter of apollo couldnt agree more!
    @sports19 :)
    @dcgirl I agree!
    @Teresa22 I wonder who they d cast as ian kabra.
    And yes there is a maximum ride movie coming out in 2013 and ther is also another percy jackson one, and a vampire academy movie too!
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    House of night series. BEST BOOKS EVA! Lol
  • Hm...they're already making a Divergent movie, and I heard that a studio bought the rights for the Uglies trilogy. (I call being Shay! I can't act, but still!)
    Um...the Immortal Rules and Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa, Gregor the Overlander (Suzanne Collins' first book, and the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy.

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