Who Loves Coldplay?!?!

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Thread Topic: Who Loves Coldplay?!?!

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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Opinions are opinions. Just likes dicks. They're nice just don't shove them down people's throats. :3

    Anyways, I like Coldplay.
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    LeahM Junior
    Cool Tongue!
    Yellow is awesome!
    Have you ever listened to Radica Face?
    I think you may be keen on that.
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    LeahM Junior
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    he is good.
  • AudreeForever Novice
    Viva LA Vida is my all-time fav with Lovers in Japan and Clocks close second.
  • wolfgrl45 Experienced
    I COLPLAY!!!!!!! THEY'RE LIKE ONE OF MY FOUR FAVORITEST BANDS EVER!!!!!!!! Oh, and @Tongue, one of the others is U2. Just so you know.
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    Sports19 Novice
    ... This was from 2011...

    I love coldplay. Viva la vida is still one of my all time favorite songs
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    Sarah2000 Novice
    I love Coldplay. I like Viva La Vida and Paradise.

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