Got any movies to recommend ?

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Thread Topic: Got any movies to recommend ?

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    Whiplash Novice
    22 Jump Street
    21 Jump Street
  • Secondhand lions
    Labor Day
    Waiting for Forever
    Death Note all 3 live action movies

    I have way more but really I dunno what you'd like. XDD
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    IHLAOY Junior
    Seconding Secondhand Lions.

    Without knowing anything about you I can't give a detailed recommendation though.
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    sapphiretwirl Senior
    The Imitation Game
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    madid Advanced
    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was very good
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    midnightkobra Experienced
    Star Wars
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    Girl_Almighty Novice
    Into The Storm
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    tongue Advanced
    The last movie I saw was Birdman and I thought it was pretty spectacular. I'd recommend that if you're willing to see something a little outside the box.
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    Ironbutterfly Advanced
    The Theory of Everything
  • woofadonkey Newbie
    Two words. Harry Potter
    (read the books first)

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