Hunger Games series contest

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Thread Topic: Hunger Games series contest

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    raeface Novice
    Hey everyone! :D I'm super excited to tell you guys about the new Hunger Games series that I am doing! I want you to create some characters to be tributes for the series. Here are the details.

    -I already have tributes for Districts 4 and 12. I need you guys to make male and female tributes for the rest. I'm hoping to get a lot, so tell your friends! If you guys don't make tributes for all the districts I need, I will make another contest. :D

    -I can only limit you to make ONE entry. Sorry!

    -The deadline is August 12th, so be quick! :)

    Here's an example of what to include in your entry.

    NAME: Briella Maxwell
    AGE: 17 (must be in between 12 and 18)
    APPEARANCE: Long, golden, wavy hair. Sea blue eyes and an athletic build.
    SKILLS: Very skilled with knot tying and making fish hooks. Can spear almost anything.

    That's pretty much all you need to put! It's going to be a super simple one and I hope you all have a good time creating these!

    Happy Hunger Games contest and may the odds be ever in your favor!
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    ILuvHolister Junior
    Name:Claire Blackwood
    Skills:various weapons,very deceptive,hunting,climbing,stealth
    Other:Dont let her expression fool u she is really strong. Strong willed,firey personality,sense of humor. Younger brother named Kyle.
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    Sage Parson Novice
    NAME: Izack (eye - ZAC) Cimorelli

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 15

    PERSONALITY: Quiet, dark, introverted, likes to be alone, doesn't trust others easily, outgoing, a little mean unless you get on his good side


    APPEARANCE: Dark Black hair, brown eyes, peach skin, lanky, 5' 3"

    SKILLS: Hack any computer in seconds, hiding, camoflogue, sneaking up from behind.
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    Name: Julia Martinez

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Personality: Her appearance can make people believe she's nothing but a pretty face but she's a ruthless killer. She's persuasive and manipulative. She's extroverted. She can gain people's trust easily but she backstabs them. She wants you to prove your worth whether you should let her trust you.

    District: 1

    Appearance: Long wavy black hair with a single light brown highlight, brown eyes, fair skin, physically fit, model physique, 5'3

    Skills: She has precise aim, she's good with ranged weapons and decent with hand to hand combat. She's a seductress.
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    graceface Novice
    Rae if you dont put this in, i will beat you up jk... but seriously ^-^
    Name: Tyler Rainwood
    Age: 15
    Apperance: Average heigth like around 5'6 ish, pale skin, blue eyes, nice smile, dark hair that he styles
    Skills:Smart, sneaky, fast runner, is very strong, and is good with a sword
    Other: Sorta shy personality, comes from a richer family back in 7. Has a beautiful girlfriend name Gracalyn back in 7 who he is determined to win to go back home to see her.
  • Name: Thea Yarrow
    Age: 13.
    District: 8 (textiles)

    Appearance: malnourished and tiny, with a figure that makes her seem younger than she truly is. She has exceptionally pale skin from working indoors in a factory all day. Her hair is dark red, almost auburn, and she has enourmous gray eyes so dark they are almost black.

    Personality: She is rather reserved with people she does not know, but her close friends wish that she would let someone else speak a little more often. Her worst fear is bleeding to death. She loves to laugh.

    Skills: Though not a genius, she is in fact quite intelligent. She fights with a knife about the length of her forearm (one of the few weapons she can pick up), and weaves ropes and nets with the materials around her. Thea can run very quickly, though she tires very soon.

    Other: Her training score would probably be a five or a six. Not too good, but not too bad either. She impressed the Gamemakers with her knife skills, knots, and camaflodge.
    She tends to sing while working, though her voice is nothing special. She has a special talent for embriodery, and can stich pictures that look almost real.
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    zomgirl Experienced
    Name: Serena Mondevna
    Nickname: Siren
    District: 9
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Appearence: She is fairly tall for her age and looks more 18 than 16 (in body, face, height etc.), she has waist long sun bleached hair which she always keeps down and will snap at anyone who even tries to put it up or even touches it, she is tan and sometimes sun burned, she has indigo eyes which are her one of her best features.

    Personality: She is very open about certain things but when you go to her family she won't even tell you her parents or siblings names. She is sensitive about this but otherwise she is a bucket full of smiles. If say a career made fun of her she'd normally just make a sarcastic comback and walk off. She never really gets irritated only with certain people like with people who touch her hair (aka the stylists) or just keep annoying her constantly (the people who represent the hunger games and such) about her life. She has killed animals before and **if I can do this** says to Cesear when he asks something "I've killed dozens maybe even hundreds of animals. How different can a human be?" though says it calmly and laughs at the shock on peoples faces.

    Skills: She is very handy with a knife and spear. She is almost an expert with plants, can run or sprint faster than most. She finds out at the capitol that she is also great at tying knots and being a little bit seductive to get what she wants (like what the careers plan to do and go etc.)

    Other: She got the name 'Siren' from Katniss **if she's in this** bacause of her singing voice that seems to hypnotize people. A year before this hunger games her sister and boyfriend went into the games and both died. That is one of the many reasons she doesn't like talking about her family or District 9. Sometimes she gets lost in her own little world and sings but is on auto pilot.
  • TheLir Newbie
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    chaz55 Junior
    NAME: Connor Johnston
    AGE: 16
    APPEARANCE: Short, spiky black hair. He has deep blue eyes that you can't resist when he winks at you.
    SKILLS: Very skilled with a knife or a sword. Also good with fires.

    Hope you pick my tribute! :D
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    DaughterOfApollo Experienced
    Name: Ashlyn Delore

    Gender: girl

    Age: 16

    District: 11

    Appearance: 5'5" has long blonde hair that goes to her belly. Firey orange eyes. And has a light tan. She has an athletic built and is super flexible. She's also very pretty.

    Skills: anything in her hands is a weapon to her. If she has a pencil, she would stab someone with it if they ticked her off. But she is more comfortable using a bow and arrow or throwing knives. She likes long range distances better, but has been known to be quite deadly in short range. She's very good at blending I. And sneaking around. She's very fast and hates it when someone is walking in front of her and they're walking slow. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty when needed to. She's good at eavesdropping and figuring out people very well. She knows who she can trust and who she can't trust. She's very smart.

    Personality: Is a tough girl and doesn't trust people very easily. Everyone likes her because of her looks and she's sick of it. She wants someone to like her for herself and not her looks. Because of that, she has a very good death stare, and since boys annoy her constantly about wanting to get together, she is rude and mean to a lot of people. But once she can trust you and she knows that you don't like her for her looks, she's a cool girl to hang around, she's funny, and is super sarcastic.

    Other: She doesn't have any parents. They both died and she had to raise her little sister on her own. Her sister is Fira Delore and she looks like Ashlyn except Fira has short brown hair. Fira is also 13.
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    raeface Novice
    You guys are AWESOME! Thank you for posting all of these tributes! @TheLir SMOSH! :D
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    raeface Novice
    Yo, i need some people! :D
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    Sage Parson Novice
    I thought you already picked the winners... XD
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    zomgirl Experienced
    Does that mean we can make more than one character...?
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    SecretLie5 Novice
    Name: Raynel Jonsen
    Age: 13
    District: 3
    Appearance: dark brown hair, hazel eyes, medium tall, scare above left eye.
    Skills: good with bombs, knifes, and making traps. Knows all plants and see good at night.
    Other: she's strong but hate to hurt others, nice if you are nice to her.

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