What country would you like to visit?

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Thread Topic: What country would you like to visit?

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    Teresa22 Senior
    England and China.
  • fizzy0918 Newbie
    I want to go to England, Greece and Ireland. I have been to Italy and I am going to Spain this summer.
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    BTRfreak Experienced
    England, Canada, France, and Ireland.
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    OmegaWolf9 Novice
    Thanks horseluver and sports19. I live in the netherlands. I'd like more tourists :D
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    Kooleo2000 Novice
    Canada, I would want to see Niagara Falls
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    CeeCeeXD Novice
    @kooleo I was born there, in canada i mean, not niagara falls that woudld be weird. I want to visit Britian or Italy/Rome, Greece, or Egypt.
  • England-One Direction, Ireland-Niall Horan & Greece-Greek myth
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    Carrotop Junior
    Ireland. ^.^
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    Waterwood Novice
    England, Japan, New Zealand, uhhh... I don't know, I think that's all
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    Zane Is Here Advanced
    England, Japan, South Africa, Australia, and Antartica.
  • ihaveahat Newbie
    Mongolia, India, and anywhere in Africa I won't get raped.
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    Haylii2 Experienced
    Los Angeles.
    I hate Australia xD it's booring(where I live anyway)
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    harpusrox7 Senior
    idk but ive never been out of the united states so I think it would be cool to visit another country
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    anri hyuga Experienced
    Great Britain
    And Norway.
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    AlexTheCat Novice
    Scotland! so pretty!!

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