I hate Arizona

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Thread Topic: I hate Arizona

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    Selena112 Senior
    Yeah, Seattle. Or maybe Portland.

  • Infinity Newbie
    Phoenix,AZ is so Hot. When I am older I think I'll move to Colorado. Don't know why, but I feel I'll like it there.
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    DragonKitty Experienced
    Great Britain (namely Scotland)

    British Columbia (Vancouver is BEAUTIFUL)
  • yeahbuddy Novice
    Antioch CA!
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    Rockstar123 Experienced
    COME TO NEW YORK WITH ME! Although it might be arid in Arizona, it can get warm here, too.

    But the Winter is pretty cold!
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    Sports19 Novice
    I agree with rockstar123. New york can get pretty hot in the summer, but it gets below freezing in the winter
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    Zane Is Here Junior
    North Carolina.

    In the summer it rains at night and is sunny in the day. Pretty cool place to live because its out in the country.

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