what is your favorite color for a car?

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Thread Topic: what is your favorite color for a car?

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    coolme3 Senior
    I like just black or white.
  • The Anon Newbie
    White I cover it with sperm.
    Brown I s--- on my car.
    Yellow I piss all over it.
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    Anastasia Expert
    I think dark green looks cool on cars.
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    absol heart Experienced
    Yellow or orange.
    Red blue black grey and white are all to mainstream.
  • Veronica_v Newbie
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    Avenger16 Novice
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    Br0wnieBunny Advanced
    Red, blue, white or black..
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    Luna Siren Novice
    Purple or white. No... Purple and white.
  • charbuscus14 Newbie
    plain ole black or white
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    UnLoving Junior
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    Celia1616 Novice
  • Jenniferdu Junior
    Uh dark blue
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    pinkyponky505 Novice
    Pink coz its awesome
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    Beautiful123 Novice
    Blue, white, red, or pink.
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    WolfLove Advanced
    Metallic blue, it's so pretty.

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