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Thread Topic: Seriously?

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    Viktor Junior
    Every time I look at the featured quizzes in front page,one of them is about one direction.
    Which one direction member will you marry?
    Which one direction member will you date?
    Which one direction member is good for you?
    Which one direction member is your soul mate?
    I don't wanna live on this planet anymore......
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    ThornedRose Novice
    It quite.
    "Are you a true One Direction fan?"
    Nope! I true Gackt fan.
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    ThornedRose Novice
    quite annoying.*
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    There is only one direction that I wish these quizzes would fuck:
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    Selena112 Senior
    I'm embarrassed to be a teenage girl because of these people. Luckily, nobody's bought me any one direction stuff.

    But someone did my me Justin Bieber stuff once... *shivers*
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    firegirl88 Advanced
    Same as Selena. I hate being a teenaged girl because everyone expects me to like either One Direction or Justin Bieber or Nikki Minaj or some other crap like that. xP It gets on my nerves.
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    I don't want to be a teenaged girl.

    Can I be the effeminate boy with girl parts?
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    Hatshepsut237 Hot Shot
    After a while it'll die down, just gotta have patience.

    What Selly Bellly said reminds me of when my grandparents bought me Twilight stuff e.e
  • luver888 Newbie
    ikr. i used to like 1D but now... not so much.
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    Kirby Novice
    About 85% of this site is full of teenage girls. I wouldn't hold your breath.

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