Real life crushes

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Thread Topic: Real life crushes

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    skatterbrain Junior
    for real
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    skatterbrain Junior
    different random and inpossible crushes..
    the girl at the vets that looks like the girl from the show scrubs
    riahnna (when she had black hair)
    brandy the girl at walmarts with the deformed hands
    some white girl at walmarts that i think married a black guy
    julia duffy (in her yonger days)
    one of my cousins :#
    a cashier with black hair at walmarts
    a cashier with black hair at capten D's
    (wow i need to learn these peoples names)
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    Hikaru Katsu Advanced
    my gf
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    RemysFault Experienced

    No fu*king kidding.
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    flibber Junior
    Nate my boyfriend, but I also think I like Chris :O
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    BTRfreak Novice
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    PurPl3Sik3 Novice
    My Bf ; but I also have a crush on my home boy Christen 0_0
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    Bluebird Novice
    i kind of have a crush on this guy named Sasha but I still like Jake better.
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    angelic4 Experienced
    This is hard but i'm starting to form a crush on Devon :/ *why won't they go away*
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    SP11 Novice
    One of these names
    The new kid Nick
    or Isaiah
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    izme Novice
    my bff chance
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    xendocheionology Experienced
  • FireSoul Novice
    My best guy friend but I think I am devolping feelings for my Gr5 crush. I get butterflies when I talk to him on BBM. I've never been in a relationship :(

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