Crushes (GTQ)

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Thread Topic: Crushes (GTQ)

  • Migga Muffins Newbie
  • savvysagelove Novice
    I like jonathon
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    Jack Attack 1995 Advanced
    wow, talk about an old thread. lol-er-er-de-er I remember posting in it
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    Hunterizcool Junior
    I've got two or three, but I really don't wanna say :P
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    RemysFault Experienced
    I think I'm in love with...

    Myself. Dx
  • cuteyjackie Newbie
    i luh someone 2....
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    Teresa22 Experienced
    I love all my friendies here. ^-^ Just not in a romantic way. .3.
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    pkiera75 Experienced
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    angelic4 Advanced
    mini crush, but i'd rather not say firegirl88 knows [Mandy please don't say anything if u even remember]
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    Selena112 Senior
    Nobody right now...
    Well maybe Ty or Ozze.
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    takos_rule Experienced
    No one.
    I feel as if Im an friend that's been tossed aside too many times and has no need whatsoever with love.
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    Selena112 Senior
    Oh, and ETakos. But she's straight so I respect that.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Hephy. :D But everybody knows that. xD
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    kwright Advanced
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    None at the moment. :\

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