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Thread Topic: HELP!!!!!!!!

  • as29383 Newbie
  • as29383 Newbie
    I really like this guy, but he has a girlfriend already. And my friends want me to tell him that I like him, should I???????
  • as29383 Newbie
    And I just don't like him, I am like obsessed over him
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    1) he’s taken, move on.
    2.) if he leaves her for you, whose to say he won’t leave you for someone else?
    3.) you’ll be anxious of this the whole time.
    4.) you shouldn’t do this to anyone, that poor girl doesn’t deserve you doing this.
    5.) you’re setting yourself up for rejection and heartbreak.
    6.) obsession is dangerous, that relationship would not be healthy,
    7.) you don’t sound like you respect him that much, so it would probably be very one sided,
    8.)your friends are despicable. He has a girlfriend, they should be encouraging you to look elsewhere not pull a stunt like this,
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    Faceless Knight Advanced
    100% agree with puppet. if you're in high school the relationship probably wouldn't last anyways.
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
    Harsh but true^
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    DJ Cecilia Novice
    me to
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    Jayfeather310 Advanced
    uwu punch me daddy

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