You guys might think I am

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Thread Topic: You guys might think I am

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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    I'm not being explicit like there's no hardcore sexual s--- being typed on here but like I don't want to scar 15- year olds. If you're younger than 16 and want to comment though thank you and sorry if i traumatized you.


    I honestly am confused.

    I like girls but I don't like girls like that.

    My first crush in kinder was a girl
    My first relationship was with a girl online and in physical person
    My first kiss was with a girl
    My first time non consensual was with a girl

    My first time this time as an adult consensually took place with a girlwhich ended badly first off she was a pillow princess (so excellent for me because I didn't get touched but like i felt dirty after it happened and threw up 2 seconds after it ended and i cried in that bathroom while washing my mouth and hands for 20 minutes and still felt dirty

    Not once have I felt attraction towards a guy. I can admit when one is attractive when my friends need help, I'm not blind, but I know I just see them as friends. So it's not mAyBe yOu hAvE tHe wRonG gEndeR interEst.

    so what's the question?

    From the point of being around girls, sleeping in the same bed/ showing affection/ hugging/ kissing/ holding hands I am fine. I feel connected to my significant other emotionally and can have a pretty steady relationship.
    As soon as it goes towards a sexual route I don't connect.

    I swore I was asexual when I was 11 but then like I got into relationships so i was like "Oh, but I am able to connect w this person and see a future and can show affection and stuff to them.

    But now that I'm an adult I literally can't go sexual with anyone. It doesn't matter if I would give my arm and a leg for that girl. I mean I guess I can do it w them but I don't like sex and I feel uncomfortable afterwards.

    Yes, this is one of the main reasons Lydia left so many times and cheated on me with her ex or with other people at parties.

    Does that make me asexual or does it just mean i have commitment issues?

    Thank you to any who choose to reply.
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    ello Advanced
    It means you're asexual. It has nothing to do with commitment, you're simply one of those people who doesn't like sex. And there's nothing wrong with that
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
    Yeah youre definitely just asexual, no commitment issues, youre just not comftorable with buttsex nothing to do with your partner.
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    ello Advanced
    Also this isn't that scarring, sis
    Not for me, anyway
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    sademogirl Hot Shot
    you have mesothelioma
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    you may be entitled to financial compensation
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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    Agh thanks @ all of u for responding

    I see. :l the interesting part now will be trying to find someone else who is asexual too.

    .o. I see. 😂 Jfm

    That commercial = mood.

    Smh I wish I was.

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