Describe your ideal, dream partner.

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Thread Topic: Describe your ideal, dream partner.

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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Physical looks, I have zero idea, I think I may have a Prefernece for someone taller than me? But I don’t really know, I’m attracted to so many little features.
    Nice eyes are the most important part.

    I’d like them to be emotionally strong, but understand that showing your emotions isn’t weak, and being vulnerable is alright sometimes. I’d like them to be humorous, but not offensive.
    I’d like them to be intelligent and interested in what I say, so I could ramble all I wanted.
    I’d like them to give good hugs! Maybe not kisses because I’m not really comfortable with that hat kind of stuff?
    I’d like hem to be willing to try my baking, and maybe artistic themselves?
    Willing to dress up for conventions with me, maybe as Hajime or Chiaki, depending on their preferences.
    I’d like them to be calm.

    That is my dream person :)
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    Human and living.
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert
    i think someone with pretty eyes and who is taller than me is all i want physically.
    personality wise, i'd like someone who is patient and not too pushy. someone who genuinely cares about people and has a good heart. someone who has drive and passion. someone family-oriented. someone hard-working yet knows how to goof off. someone funny. someone who can put up with me, lol.
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    ello Advanced
    I want someone as tall as me, or at least above 5'8. Natural hair, not dyed. That's it on physical preferences. I want someone who's willing to be there for me no matter what mood or stat wouldn't want to cheat on theme I'm in, and support me as well as trust me. Someone who would never cheat on me and be good enough where I wouldn't want to cheat on them

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