If u were pregnant

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Thread Topic: If u were pregnant

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    Bloodyalice Novice
    I wouldn't abort it I would put it up for adoption because I don't have the financial aid I need plus I'm way too young to have kids
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    There's a book I read a year ago about this same situation. In the book, the girl gets an abortion because her boyfriend asks her too and she spends her life regretting it. The book is written from the perspective of the girl, but many years later when she is in her 40s. She goes back to that time and retells the story, but a different version. She goes through her life, recounting how it would be different if she had kept the baby. In both stories, however, she and the boyfriend break up. I think that's important to remember. Above all else, she shouldn't go through with something she doesn't want to just because someone who probably won't be in her life later on wants her to. No matter how much it seems like love in that moment.
    If I were in the mother's place (in your hypothetical) I would probably just abort the child for economic reasons and because having a miscarriage is scarier to me than having an abortion. But I don't share the same fears as the mother. If she wants to keep the child, it's her body and her choice. But I really don't know whether or not the father should have to pay child support if the baby is born.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    My mother was a teenager when she had my brother. She was scared and not in an "economically stable" condition, but she chose life. She never regretted having him and we can't imagine what our lives would have been without him. She has told me to take everything one step at a time and one day at a time, and that pregnancy isn't the end of your life. You don't have to worry over every detail of the future, getting them to 18.

    If he doesn't want to take responsibility for his part in this, he still has no right to force you into an abortion. He's not the one who will have to bear the baggage of regret, pain, or depression that can come from this decision.

    I passionately believe human life is valuable, whatever the age or state of development. I know I'm just a stranger on the internet, but I really do care. I'm here and praying for you.
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    TheLoveOfBands Hot Shot
    An update on this

    A) this is not my situation it's a close friend's so ig i just butted myself into it like always bc I'm just that one friend that always gets involved in everyone's drama.

    Anyway, the guy said that he would take care of the child BUT would be mad at her for a while because she didn't abort it and as a result
    "ruined both of their lifes"
    He said he would get married or at the very least engaged to her so ig that's good?

    Then there was backlash from my friend because she got mad and said he didn't have to be involved bc she could raise her child by herself and he could live a normal life wO being involved in the child's life.

    Idk what they'll end up doing I'll probably post an update in a couple of months to tell you.

    Anyway, thanks to all of you who posted. I showed my friend screenshots of the thread so she probably got quotes from your posts to make her argument against her boyfriend.
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    I know I'm late but I'm just gonna say you should never abort a child because what is the difference between 8 months and 9 months? Or 7 and 8? When does life really start? we don't know. Also she should not raise the kid on her own. I believe over 70% of the prison population comes from single mother homes. I think a father figure is important to the development of a child. But in the end im just a teenager on the internet so don't take anything i say too seriously.

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