What is the oldest piece of technology in your house?

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Thread Topic: What is the oldest piece of technology in your house?

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    AnimePhan Experienced
    VHS tapes... Um... we still watch old 90's shows and cartoons.... and old TV's.
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    Atari and original Nintendo
  • Real_IS_FAKE Newbie
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    dannylover321 Advanced
    A flip phone that's older then me and my Orgianal Xbox and play station 1
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    FireSoul Advanced
    My Royallete typewriter, I think its from the 1950's
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    SG115 Experienced
    TV sets
    Playstation 2
    Game Boy Advanced SP
    VHS tapes
    Flip phone from 2007
    My brother's laptop xD
  • A rotary phone... (I love rotary phones, I'm weird lol)
    A Playstation 1 (because my opinion is the games for 2, 3, and 4 kinda suck lol)
    ....And how about something some of my friends had never even heard of before they met me....

    A record player?
    Yes, I have records to play on it too.
    Like Cheap Trick, Dream Police..... Triumph, Just a Game and The port of Kings... and REO Speedwagon, Wheels are Turning..
    So, I have a lot of old stuff.
  • Oh yes, my mom has a flip phone from like 2000, and so does my dad, and we have a VCR and tapes for it...
    And we have a Windows XP tower, but we don't use it anymore so it probably doesn't count.
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    Tyreseonater Advanced
    My door.
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    StitchedHeart Experienced
    1987 TV
    also Super Nintendo
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    Elliryanna Novice
    My mom has a flip phone, and yeah, stitchedheart, we have a Super Nintendo too. Zombies ate my Neighbors anyone?
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    Elliryanna Novice
    OH, we have a typewriter, a record player, and a BUNCH of really old books. does that count? Really cool thing, my neighbor, who's circa 90, invented the memory thing for computers. He has about 10-20 patents.
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    Omega_Wolf Experienced
    Samsung galaxy txt phone
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    ilovepuppys Novice
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    My parents probably have older stuff, but from what I can remember a VCR we still use pretty often and a Nintendo 64.

    My brother still has his Super Nintendo I believe.

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