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    ChameleonLeap Junior
    I don’t quite understand why people love it so much. I’ve never seen anything interesting when watching it, so can y’all kinda explain why you like it?
  • Le1F Advanced
    how much have u watched and which 1s

    personally i dont watch it
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    Raiden Ripper Novice
    Anime has vivid graphics. Something about them are just captivating.
    Also, anime is usually emotional and it touches you in a way you can relate.
    It's really positive at times, and just a nice pick-me-up for someone like me.

    Glitter Force is my therapy whenever I'm feeling down.
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    ur gay lol Newbie
    Same reason why people like regular tv shows and cartoons. Anime has intriguing lore and characters that may interest you. You just have to find the right type/genre as there are many to choose from.
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    Eggaly Novice
    Anime is an eggsperience, If I ever want to feel a specific emotion or find inspiration I watch an anime
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    Typical Normie Experienced
    Big anime tiddies
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    Anime is amazing and if you don’t watch it you should.
    Noragami and Black Butler are my favorites. And if you are optimistic you should feed on positive anime however if you are my type you should stick with fighting and Black Butler
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    I'm the beginning you don't indersyamd.waych one episode, you'll love it forever.

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