Forever In Love 3: Stranger Danger

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Hey . I Am Soooo Sorry This Came Out Late ! With School , Being Sick , My Sisters Wedding , And Everything Else , I Have Been Waaaay To Busy To Finish The Next Episode Of The Story .

But Now .. Here It Is ! Fresh And Awesome ! I Would Tell You About This Episode , But If You Want To Know About It, You Should Just Read It Yourself To Find Out ! Anyways .. We Finally Get To Meet Jack ! Whoo - Hoo !

Created by: IcyDesignns

  1. RECAP: I do training .. And plenty of it. (Truth-Or-Dare); Scarface kisses me. I remember some people knocking on the door. Mysterious people. Stranger Danger.
  2. The door handle shakes crazily now. Like an earthquake. Bang, bang, bang. A black girl knocks down the door. "It's Eccles." Whispers Oriana. "Scarface. I need your help." Said a girl, walking up from behind. "My help?" Sam asks. "Yes. There is this man. Jack. He threatens to kill all immortality if he doesn't get his "Star Girl". Please help me, Sam." "Fine. But I need detail. Who is this guy? I need info." "I'll send information by mail. We just need to meet up with him tomorrow. You bring someone with you. I'll bring someone also. Be in Albino Square. Morning. 6:00 A.M." "Okay."
  3. ★Mommy is sitting in the corner. Daddy at work. "Mommy? Who is he mommy? Who mommy who?" I ask. "Baby just shh. If you speak he will hurt us. Just stay quite baby. Everything will be alright." Mommy replies. "Your right Sarah. I will kill you. SO SHUT UP! And you .. Kierra. Come with me. You can be my star girl. Forever." Some guy says. Im only 7. I don't know whats going on. He grabs my arm and takes me away. "Mommy!" I yell. Mommy starts crying, ropes tied her to the bed.★
  4. So Sam chooses me to go with him. When we arrive at Albino Square I see a black van. Jack's in it. He gets out. "Ahhh. My Star Girl. Nice to finally see you again." Says Jack. I finally have this figured out. Jack IS him. That guy banging at our door. Why mommy didn't save me or try to explain what was going on. I lost all control now. I run up to Jack and give him a BIG hug. I remember something, but try to force myself not to say it. A nickname. But I blurted it out, "Pooh Pooh!" I feel so ashamed for even remembering that. I almost forgot this guy is my sworn enimey.
  5. Sam just sits back listening to our conversation. "Star .. You DO remember me." Jack says happily. "Of course I do pooh pooh. It has only been three years." I say. "And 2 months and 19 days." He added. "Why did you leave me master?" "I didn't. I was off fighting an enimey, and you ran away." "Thats not how I remember it. I was in my room, you burned down the house and left me there to die!" "NOT TRUE. THE ENIMEY DID IT" "Mhmmm." "Anyways." "Sooooo." "Will you come back home with me?" "No." "WHAT! I am your Pooh Pooh!" "Yeaa. Sense I was 9 years old, Pooh Pooh. We were together 13 years. And after all, you did kidnap me." "It was for a good cause. You are the most powerful immortal in the galaxy. And I trained you to become even stronger." "I suppose. But why did you need me anyways? I was only 9. You could have told me what was going on. One second im cooking with mama, the next im being taken away by some stranger in black." Jack doesn't reply, just dead silence. Sam stares at me; hard. Then he walks up to us. "Sorry to end your happy conversation, Star Girl. But we have a Pooh Pooh to fight." Interrupts Sam. "Right." I moan. We walk further, set our positions. "READY, SET, GO!" Yelled Sam. Jack stares at me. "Im sorry." I whisper. "Me too." Jack whispers back. We run toward him.
  6. Sam starts slapping and punching at him like some wimp. 'Did he forget about his teeth?' I thought to myself. Pathetic. I just stand there, about 10 feet away from them. I don't know where the heck those nasty werewolf-dogs are, the probably have a LARGE delay. I run toward Jack and lash my leg out. And he see's is a large blur coming toward him; full speed. My foot pushes against his lower right breast and I can hear his breastbones crackling inside of him. The walls of his heart is broken, destroyed, dead. He lays on the floor, blood pouring out of his mouth. I lean over and tuch his face, "You did train me, Pooh. Very well indeed. But now I have to live the life I've always wanted to live. And I can't do that if your here. Its for the best your gone." I say gently. "I understand, Star Girl. Just remember, what lies in your heart is more then love. There's also friendship. The kind we always had, though I always wanted to take it further. Thanks for being my girl though." Jack says, closing his eyes.
  7. I think about what he had said. " There's also friendship. The kind we always had, though I wanted to take it further." Those words haunt me for weeks, months at the most. I hypothesize he was 20ish when he kidnapped me. And I was only 9. "What a rapist." I thought. Be he seemed more then that, so did I. He had power, so did I. He had wealth, so did I. We were so alike yet so different.
  8. Okay! Im sorry to end it here, but people have been waaaay too eager for part 3, and I just couldn't wait to give it to you. So how do you like it so far?
  9. Favorite character out of these?
  10. Rate & Comment .. Please? & Uhh .. The Next Episode Is Going To Be Called "Forever In Love 4: Back To Jack" .. So Please Stay Tunned For It! Any Ideas/Suggestions/Questions Then Comment Them And I'll Be More Then Happy To Accept/Answer Them! Thanks, Byee!

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