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Trust is earned But once violated It's difficult to regain When do you trust? Who do you trust? You trust with your mind You trust with your heart You trust with honor You trust with pride You trust with expectations But is putting trust in someone worth it?

Trust is how I feel for you Trust is how I hold you Trust is how I care for you Just trust me Trust me with your heart Trust me with your life Trust me with only you Trust is you Trust is how you smile Trust is how you feel on me Trust is how you look at me Just trust me Trust me with you body Trust me with your mind Trust me with your pain Trust is you

Created by: Saratheamaze

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  1. Believe me now?
  2. Gosh...
  3. It's Rain here. Der.
  4. My favorite colors are black and blue.
  5. I play violin.
  6. I have two dogs- Rosie and Maggie. I have two cats- Yeller and Ranger
  7. My favorite singer is Avril Lavigne, I also listen to Halestorm and Three Days Grace
  8. My favorite songs are Sk8er Boi and Smile
  9. You might move to Florida
  10. I'm not going to let that happen
  11. So believe me now?

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