Is Your Friend Really Your Friend?

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You might think your best friend is your best friend and you might spend long periods together but are you really best friends? Are you friends at all?

This quiz will help you with that. In a few moments you will know how good friends you are. Maybe it will ruin your friendship or maybe it will make it even better!

Created by: horsecrazy24601
  1. Does your friend have other best friends? How many?
  2. Does she let you borrow items of (clothing, toys, jewellery etc.)
  3. Does she have any pets?
  4. Do you like the same sport?
  5. Are you not allowed any food? Does she know this?
  6. Does she tell you any of her secrets?
  7. Does she stand up for you when you are bullied?
  8. Is she helping you with this quiz?
  9. On your birthday, does your friend give you the present you were dreaming of?
  10. Have you started to realise that you don't know your friend that well after doing this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my Friend Really my Friend?