For guys only, doe's your crush like you?

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Love is a feeling that tingles your insides. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy all over the place. It all starts with a crush, and maybe even this quiz too when you look back at it.

Love almost always starts out with a crush. You might have a crush on a cute girl, but do you even know if she even likes you? Take this quiz to find out but remember, this is for boys only. There will be another one for the lady, I promise!

Created by: 070085915
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  1. How often do you talk to your crush?
  2. Does your crush flirt with you?
  3. Does your crush flirt with you?
  4. Does your crush flirt with other people?
  5. Did she tell you that she likes you?
  6. How does you and your crush talk to one another?
  7. Doe's she seem shy around you?
  8. When you talk to her face to face are her friends around?
  9. Have you ever seen your crush blush when you complement her.
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz (has no effect)

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Quiz topic: For guys only, doe's my crush like you?