For girls only, doe's your crush like you?

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Love, a warm and fuzzy feeling that tickles your inside and makes you feel all happy and puts you in a trance, not like Archie and his gang, you know who Archie is, don`t you?

Love, almost always starts out with a crush when you look back at it. Buy girl, you've got a hottie as a crush so why don`t you take this quiz to find out if he actually likes you.

Created by: 070085915
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  1. Does your crush seem a bit shy around you and seems in a slight trance?
  2. Have you ever seen your crush blush in your presence?
  3. How often do you and your crush spend time together?
  4. How do you and your crush communicate?
  5. Have you and your crush ever stared blankly at one another before?
  6. Has your crush ever told you that they have a secret crush on you?
  7. Have you two ever gone out together?
  8. Has he ever given you something before?
  9. Are you two similar?
  10. Did you enjoy this little quiz? (ALL NO EFFECT)

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Quiz topic: For girls only, doe's my crush like you?