Does your crush like you back?

Many girls ask this question, does my crush like me? Well now there is a quiz/survey to tell you if your crush likes you,I hope you know if your crush likes you after you take this quiz.

Does your crush like you? I know that some of you girls out there are wondering,does my crush like me? If you're One of these girls you can take this quiz to find out,once you find out you can make your move. I hope this quiz has the answer to your question!

Created by: trisha

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First,does your crush even know you?
  2. Does he ever look at you?
  3. Does his friends tease him when you're around
  4. Does he ever look at you from head to toe?
  5. Has anyone ever told you that he likes you?
  6. Do u think he likes you?
  7. Does he ever try to impress you?
  8. Does he ever help you out with stuff?
  9. Be honest!! Do u actually like him?
  10. How do u rate this quiz?(it won't affect the results!!)

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?