Five night's at Freddy's Quiz

There are many horror games but I chose this one because it is quite cool and the anamatronix's are scary and creepy at the same time. I love five nights at Freddy's!!!

Are you a five nights at Freddy's gal or dude then you should really play the five nights at Freddy's demo with only two nights. I hope you have loved my quiz!

Created by: Aruska

  1. Who is the anamatronix that plays creepy music?
  2. Who is the security guard?
  3. 7 more to go!
  4. Who lives in pirate cove?
  5. What is five nights at Freddy's?
  6. What is the restaurant in five nights at Freddy's ?
  7. Are you a fan of five nights at Freddy's ?
  8. 2 more to go!!!
  9. Who is lead anamotronix?
  10. Have you enjoyed this Quiz?

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