how creepy are you

You don't have to be smart to answer these questions.their about horror and how creepy you really don't take the results the wrong way.just because you. Score low doesn't mean any bad some people don't like horror

You are a genius do you have the power to answer such questions are you up for it some people may close things that aren't embarrassing but chose what you want...

Created by: skyler Smith

  1. You see chunky the doll would you
  2. You watch a scary movie before you go to be how do you act
  3. You see a man in a dark ally passed out not knowing if he's dead
  4. You have a crush on someone but they don't like you so you
  5. You have a friend at school she told the princlpe that you called a 3grader a bratty dork so you
  6. Her step-brother turns crazy and your alone with him do you
  7. You find out that your house is haunted do you
  8. You see a cute emo boy but he's evil Do u
  9. You see a cute emo boy but he's evil Do u
  10. Want to get dog you find a cute dog but find out its possed. Do u

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Quiz topic: How creepy am I