First day Survive high-school

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This quiz is to help you with your first day or if you have already then you will be able to go back and relive your first day unless you didn’t like your first day most people say they hate highschool ever since the first day don’t feel to bad.

My first day if this makes you feel any better I was trying to get on time to class and I wasn’t paying that much attention to where I was going and I ended up running right into some dude that was standing there and I ended up slippping on water

Created by: Samantha

  1. When you first walk in high school as a freshman what do you do?☺
  2. Oh no your late on the first day do you...😰😬
  3. You have a new boyfriend who wants more then just dates and hugging and kissing what do u do..😏
  4. You walk into lunch and notice there a table with only two people you try to sit down but they say get lost what do you do?🤪
  5. A girl is sitting at a table alone by herself because she has no friends what do you do?😭
  6. There are 3 girls smoking in the bathroom and they ask if you wanna hit it or smoke it with them what do you do?😑
  7. This is kinda random but what race is your type.😻👏🏻
  8. Your sitting in class on your phone and the teacher tells you to put it up but you refuse so she says to bring it up to her what do you do?💋
  9. Another random who’s your favorite YouTuber.👀
  10. Last one...what grade are u in now.👣

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