What highschool group do you belong in?

I believe we all wonder what highschool group we fall in. Even if we are in school or out of there! It's good to know. Maybe you know or not, lets see

What highschool group do you fall in? Di you hit the books or hang with friends? Rather you are a jock or geek. Enjoy your highschool expirence. And Rate!

Created by: thatoneperson

  1. On weekends you:
  2. To school you wear:
  3. At school you are popular.
  4. You usually date:
  5. You worry about your grades.
  6. You enjoy:
  7. Your friends are:
  8. You text ALOT
  9. You ride the bus to school.
  10. You look up to

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Quiz topic: What highschool group do I belong in?