High School Romance

it's highschool but whats this? TWO guys like you TWO can you pick? or will it all fall down? read on and find out. also I saw very little of these and the ones i did see

are very good so i decided to do one myself lets hope it turns out well!! make sure you vote to which quiz i should do next!! Until the next part Cya!

Created by: Grapejuice
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  1. (your name is Kitty and you are an only child you have some good friends yay!)School was starting and you got your things out of your locker when you bumped into someone you dropped your stuff and fell back. you look up to see a beautiful guy with Deep brown eyes red hair and brown at the roots. he was wearing jeans and a plain white shirt. he took your hand and helped you up "Sorry. My names Asher whats yours?" You find your voice and say "I..I'm Kitty." He smiles and almost chuckles "Well nice to meet you kitty! Here's your stuff how about you sit with me at lunch huh? We can get to know each other better." you say
  2. During Class you sit next to a blonde boy with Sky blue eyes. the teacher says that the person next to you will be your partner for the rest of the term. The boy turns to look at you and gives you a relaxed smile. you speak first "Hi i'm kitty you are...?" he grins and says "I'm Gary. Nice to meet you kitty! I saw you met Asher." you nod "Well if your sitting with us make sure to sit next to me." he gives you a wink and you spend the rest of class working on the new project. Lunch finally arrives. you take your lunch and go sit next to
  3. Whatever you choose you end up sitting in between them. Asher immediately starts talking to you. you listen however you can't help but notice Gary giving Asher the evil eye. Finally when Lunch ends Asher asks you a question "Hey Kitty. you know your pretty cool would you like to go for a movie with me?" it was Friday you think of this and finally say
  4. No matter what you said Asher convinced you! "Great i'll pick you up at 7:00 make sure you look real good!" with that he turned around and went to class. the rest of the day things went pretty well. finally it was time for your "Date" what do you wear?
  5. The doorbell rang and you went to meet Asher. when you opened the door Asher's eyes widened. and he said "Wow you look..Amazing!" you smile at his praise and the two of you head of to the movie. The movie is a romantic one. About 20 minuets in Asher does the Yawn move on you. he pulls you closer. soon after that you find yourself kissing him. it's just a light peck. around the middle where it gets sappiest he kisses you again more passionately. by the end of the movie your heart was a flutter. and not just from the movie. Asher drove you home because it was around 9 now when he dropped you off you kissed him goodnight. and went to bed. before you slept you thought about the night
  6. The next day the phone rang it Was Gary he was wondering if maybe you would like to go out to the park. you agree when you meet him there you are wearing a
  7. He gawks at you then says "Wow and I thought you where pretty before" you blush at his praise. You have a great "Date" You play some Frisbee and point out shapes of clouds basically have a great day. When you had to leave You kiss Gary goodbye and go home when your back home you want to date
  8. That night the phone rings It's Asher he wants to know if you would like to go on another date tomorrow Then Gary calls he wants the same thing Which boy do you choose?
  9. CliffHANGER sorry that's it wait until the next one!!!did you enjoy it so far?
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