Find your true love part 3

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Blood and dying animals. What are you gonna do when you find out something horrible is happening??

What will happen? Will there be more attacks?? Joss, Tyler and Mike are back, and you guys are in trouble...

Created by: Staryie128

  1. You see the blood everywhere. You look at the walls and the floor and see the Joss is fighting a big giant wolf. Joss has cuts and is bleeding pretty badly, while the Wolf is hardly bleeding at all.
  2. You find a heavy, pointy object on the shelf and throw it at the wolf. It throws down Joss, who seems to be knocked out, and starts towards you. You can see where you hit it, theres a big gash on the side of its head. The wolf gets low and gets ready to attack.
  3. The wolf pounces, but he didnt get you. As you watched him fly into the air, you saw a flash of color and you see Mike standing there the next moment, fangs popped out. The wolf is on the floor panting, but not so much wounded.
  4. Mike looks at you and then back at the wolf. He goes towards the wolf, who rolls over quickly and throws mike over to the wall. The wolf gets up on all 4s and walks over to you. It bares it teeths at you and lunges again, but it hits an invisible wall thats 2 ft away from you. You look towards the door and you see Tyler.
  5. The wolf tries and tries again to get through the wall, but can't. Tyler rushes over to you and makes sure your ok. "Go help [____]" you say. He nods and goes over to him.
  6. He checks both of them and Mike gets up and starts to attack the giant wolf. Tyler takes Joss out the door. Your still frozen where you are.
  7. You look at the wolf thats laying on the ground, dying. Mike finishes it off and comes over to you and picks you up. He walks out of the room and you look up at him. "What was that?" you ask. "That was a werewolf"
  8. You start to fall asleep in his arms and as you start to drift father and father away, you feel something soft underneath your head, and your out cold.
  9. okay, i have to have 12 questions sooo, im gonna ask sum random questions k?? What outfit appeals to u??
  10. whats ur fav movie/series? (outta these)

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Quiz topic: Find my true love part 3