Find out how NICE you are!!!!!

There are many kind caring people out there but there are also mean people. there is a big,huge difference between the two as you must already know, but do you really?

You may think that YOU are nice but just to be go on this great quiz. Your just a click away from finding out how kind you are. It is QUICK and EASY. Just try and you will be amazed.

Created by: Cindy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you tease your friends? and don't lie if you want to find the truth.
  2. Do you give to CHARITY?
  3. Do you care for people e.g Cindy(that's me lol but i won't tell you my last name you won't be able to say it.)
  4. How much do you love yourself?
  5. Do you hit people?
  6. Do you say things like:"She is so UGLY", behind their back?
  7. How much do you love your family?
  8. Which of these people/things do you think is most important?
  9. Do you think you are nice?
  10. Do you have any freinds?

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