find out how fat you are

find out if you are anerexic average chubby or obese by awnsering these simple awsome! questions enjoy have fun by the way i got chubby so i aint any fittie myself

alsoe there are some simple real life situations ! they are cool enjoy have fun please rate well hope you enjoy the test if the test upsets you i am sorry!

Created by: charlie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you have a double chin
  2. do you have a fat tummy
  3. do you have flab rolls
  4. do you have big boobs moobs
  5. do you have a fat bum
  6. do you want to be fat
  7. if so how fat do you want to become
  8. be honest how fat are you
  9. would you wear tight clothes EG speedos skinny jeans a wetsuit or a clingy tank top
  10. when you walk up a standard 13 step stairway what happens
  11. how long would it take you to run a mile
  12. what waight is your ideal partner
  13. heres a scenario you are a single mum who ways just over 200 pounds at a mall you go to a food court do you
  14. do you have any weight related illnesses
  15. this is the most important but does not change your score do you feel comfortable with yourself?

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