Are You Too Fat?

A measurement free quiz revealing what body size you have Going in this order skinny average pudgy chubby fat obese morbidly obese I hope you enjoy...

Don't take anything in this quiz tooooo seriously I'm no professional I'm just basing this on myself and my judgement so please don't rely solely on this dumb quiz thnx.

Created by: Jimmy
  1. How big is your belly?
  2. Put your thighs a fist apart from each other do they touch.
  3. Do you have a chubby face?
  4. Sit down on a normal sized chair what happens to your thighs.
  5. Do you usually have breakfast?
  6. How much do you eat?
  7. Stand up straight and look down what do you see.
  8. Do you have back fat rolls whilst just standing up?
  9. Can you see your belly button whilst sitting down?
  10. Can you see your belly button whilst standing up?

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Quiz topic: Am I Too Fat?