Are you skinny or fat

This quiz tells you if you are skinny perfect chubby fat or obese. Answer the questions truthfully. The quiz works the best for 8-17 year old guys....

Take the quiz today I have taken a lot of these quizzes so I know some of the most frequent questions this is my first quiz it took me an hour I hope you like it

Created by: Fiachra
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  1. How fat do you think you are
  2. How much do you exercise daily not including p.e.
  3. How much does your belly go over you're waistband when wearing jeans
  4. How many rolls of fat do you have when you sit then bend over
  5. Do you feel comfortable in swimming shorts in front of your friends
  6. What do you do on a normal weekend
  7. What is you're fav food
  8. How much fat can you pinch while sitting
  9. How much when standing
  10. When do you jiggle
  11. What happens when you sit down
  12. This was my first quiz did you like it. :/

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Quiz topic: Am I skinny or fat